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Stay Toasty All Throughout Winter With The TherMax™ Base Wear

The winter season is arguably one of the best seasons, if not for the biting cold. While multi-layered coats and jackets are made to protect you from the icy cold weather, they don’t necessarily give you enough warmth unless you have the right thermal wear underneath.

Keep yourself warm with the TherMax™ Base Wear so you can make the most out of winter. Made with the exact same aerospace technology used to create spacesuits, this thermal wear can easily withstand sub-zero temperatures because of its superior heat retention properties which traps 10 times more hot air compared to wool. Never let the cold put a damper in your winter again.

What Is The TherMax™ Base Wear?

The TherMax™ Base Wear is a special type of thermal wear worn underneath to keep your body warm, especially during the harsh winter temperatures. Unlike other ordinary base layers, they’re made with the patented WarmTech NanoWeave Fabric that keeps your body temperature consistently at 37°C no matter how cold the temperature gets. It acts as an insulator between our body and the surrounding cold air, which blocks it out completely keeping you warm.

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